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Lammas Day
Lammas Day in the Christian Calendar falls on the 1st of August and represents the ancient origins of the time when  the first harvests were in and there was food for  the coming year.  Today, buying a loaf is a common and easy purchase on any day of the year whereas before the industrial production of food, producing bread for example was a vitally important part of the agricultural year and lives depended on good harvests.
Lammas  is a pagan festival too honouring the Gods from many cultures.

Here is a history of the Lammas festivals in the Celtic tradition. Click  on the image below.

Here is a link to Learn where Patti Wigington lists some of the deities associated with the harvest. Our Christian take on the tradition is but one of many; all  of which have equal  value although I find poor Attis a bit hard to understand given his madness and what he did to himself. The story does highlight the main theme of Lammas though, which is rebirth  and regeneration.

We are closer in traditon to Lugh.  He was the Celtic God known for the skill  and didtribution of talent and this reminds us that we are all capable of  learning and trying new skills.  These might include music, art and story  telling. Here is a link to the page on Lugh

Here is  a link to Lammas Recipes, also from Learning Religions.  These are Recipes for the Lammas Sabbat


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